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Sanchez Starks holds the role of President and Founder at Aspire 2 Learn Education Services LLC, a distinguished educational consultancy dedicated to delivering impactful solutions for academic and social support enhancement.

Aspire 2 Learn focuses on creating and executing services and products with a primary focus on advancing student-centered learning. Sanchez is passionate about the task of cultivating educators to empower and improve their students' critical thinking skills.

Beyond the classroom, Sanchez also lends a helping hand to students by offering a diverse array of educational, recreational, leisure, and lifelong learning programs and services designed to cultivate positive mindset strategies.

My Story

As a former NCAA Division I athlete, I've developed a profound understanding of the demands student-athletes face as they strive to balance sports commitments, academics, and a social life. I've also personally navigated the challenging transition from college and sports to the next phase of life. My purpose is to support both current and former athletes in expediting their journey toward achieving their next successes.

Engaging me as your consultant offers distinct advantages. I specialize in the fields of reading, mathematics, and science, and I bring nearly two decades of teaching experience within the K-12 education system, including instructing mathematics at Cuyahoga Community College.

One of my notable strengths lies in my capacity to foster meaningful relationships, enabling me to establish genuine partnerships within the communities I serve. Additionally, I provide professional development opportunities focused on leadership for the faculty and staff of various educational organizations across Ohio.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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